Hello everyone :)

Over the years lenders have taught us some great tricks when writing our Purchase Contracts for our Veterans using VA Loans.

It is possible in a VA Loan to pay of some of the buyers debts.  NO - this is not like the old days of anything goes Actually (to my knowledge) VA Loans are the only loans that allow this type of thing,.  Generally 2-2.5% of the purchase price can go to any debbt the buyer has....including a break the lease fee.  

Also, if a veteran is 10% disabled they can get out of the VA Funding Fee COMPLETELY.   This saves 2.15-3.3% of the loan amount. 

If you or someone you know is a veteran and would like a Realtor who knows how to maximize their position let us know.  We will help negotiate the best terms possible on a purchase in Jacksonville, St Augustine or Orange Park, FL.

Check out our old blogs for details on teh First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit that can go WITH a VA Loan~!

Rob/Kris and the First Coast Home Hunters Team