Many people dont realize it but as a buyer Realtors typically work for you for free.  Thats right, as a buyer you can get free help navigating the home buying process from an expert.

When a seller hires a Realtor to "List" their home they agree to pay X% to the listing brokerage.  The listing brokerage agrees to pay part of their commission to the buyers agent.  So as a buyer you dont typically have to pay any real estate commissions. 

Now, when you decide to sell its going to be costly. Most of the time a sellers costs are 6-8% before paying any of the buyers closing costs.  So if you add some help for the buyer a seller could be looking at 9-11% of the sale price.  OUCH!

This is what makes a good buyers agent most important.   Finding the right home at the right price so you dont outgrow your home and need to move quickly is key to not having to go through the painful selling part of home ownership. 

If you are considering a home purchase in Northeast Florida - St Johns County, Clay County Nassau County or Duval County - we would enjoy the opportunity to join your home hunting team. 

Since its usually free....whether its us or someone else, why not have an expert buyer agent in your conrer?